[PAST EVENT] Wild Workouts - Al Qudra

30 Oct, 2019

You’re probably aware that spending time in nature can be good for you or I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this. But did you know quite how good for you?

Studies have shown amazing benefits to mental and physical wellbeing by simply swapping the indoors for outdoors when it comes to working out. The trails show an improvement in feelings of revitalisation, increased energy, positivity and decreases in tension, anger and depression (it’s more fun too). Nature is clearly the best medicine, so we’ve been busy coming up with some Wild Workouts you can do as a part of the Dubai fitness challenge and beyond! Complete two of the Wild Workouts on offer to gain an Explore Badge in our app.

Al Qudra Lakes East

6:00pm, Wednesday 30th Oct

We’ll be gathering at the Al Qudra for a guided 5.6km run around the first of the eastern and flamingo lakes. Find out what a “Houbara jump” is and how it was inspired. Suitable for beginners or more experienced runners this sandy spot is really rather special. Sign up now and you’re welcome to practice the route by following the instructions in our app.

The Sustainable City

6:00pm, Wednesday 6th Nov

Join us for a 3.8km jog around Sustainable City and explore this first zero net carbon development in Dubai. Breathe in the fresher air as the city is surrounded by greenery and lush vegetation which helps cut down on pollutants and keep the community cooler. The two ponds of recycled water help create an environment for fish and ducks and other wildlife. Are you ready to explore and be energized?

Zabeel Park

6:00pm, Wednesday 13th Nov

Did you know that running can be a form of meditation? We’ve created a guided run at Zabeel park with prompts of things to think about as you jog the 2km around the outside of the park. Download the CWN app, navigate to “Wild Workouts” and follow the instructions or sign up now to join Connect with Nature team hitting the track after work on 13th November.


Download the CWN app and navigate to “Wild Workouts”. Follow the instructions for a glorious run listening to the sounds of the wild birds and the rustling of the trees. More info here

Al Qudra Lakes East
Join the Connect with Nature team on one of our Wild Workouts Wednesdays