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Get out there and embark upon a series of challenges!


Connect with Nature is a programme designed for you and your friends to learn about the natural environment and have fun exploring mother nature and this country's wildlife heritage.


Explore the natural world of the UAE through this interactive map. Click on the drop pins of the different locations, browse the results you see. You can learn about these natural sites and their wild residence through the knowledge hub. And more excitingly, You can embark on a journey, visit these sites yourself and join the challenges listed for you there. Show the world how big of an adventurer you are and how much curiosity you have for knowledge and for your country's hidden wild treasures.

Your activity throughout this programme will be rewarded through unique badges. Reward badges for behaviours, challenges, or missions. Badges may be one-time awards (have/don’t have), or multiple awards (shown with a count of number of awards) – not all behaviours or challenges will have badges


What is a behaviour? An action or activity within the application that is promoted, monitored, tracked, and counted. (ex logging in, reading and claiming an article, social shares)


What is Challenge? An activity described in the app, with parameters for award, subsequent output after completion, and tracking / monitoring


What is a Mission? A grouping of behaviours (and/or challenges) used to create a multi-stage activity or to collect challenges into an overall class/group (ie “Location Misson”)