The Ghaf Youth Majlis series

Nurturing the Roots of our Heritage


Together with AlFahim Group, we have created a series of storytelling majlis’ that have been inspired by the symbolic national tree, which traditionally drew the UAE’s tribal leaders together for important meetings with citizens.

The series will allow for open discussions among renowned and experienced speakers and the younger generation, to help find a balance between modern life and protecting our ecosystems, while also keeping our traditions alive.

Is there more?

Well, it will also help you to think about current challenges in new ways, and open doors to new avenues, enabling you to connect with past wisdom and take it into the future.


Ghaf Tree

So, what’s in store!

The exciting agenda includes:

November 3rd, 4:30pm -  A Virtual Ghaf Youth Majlis on The Importance and Benefits of Connecting with Nature. Sign up here.

November 18th, 4:30pm -  A Virtual Ghaf Youth Majlis on Technology & Conservation, and What the Future Holds. Sign up here.

There’s more! Challenge Yourself to the Threatened Species Creative Illustration Competition

Alongside the Ghaf Youth Majlis series, we will soon be unveiling a creative illustration competition to highlight important and threatened species, how they are connected to local heritage, and the actions that individuals can take. This will be announced at the first series of the Ghaf Youth Majlis, and winners will be revealed in December – so stay tuned! 😉

Want to learn more about these species, so you can help us raise awareness about them? Click the button below