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Your chance to make a real difference!

Our generation is pretty awesome (humble brag), so it was only a matter of time before we created something super fun that also makes our world a better place! 

We’ve put together some great opportunities to start you on your journey of change, from beach cleanups to youth circles and citizen science projects. Not only will you be helping save the planet, but you’ll be creating amazing memories while making the most of seriously Instagram-worthy moments! 
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Help leaders make the right decisions for the planet!

Make your nature outing that much more fruitful by taking a moment to log in some info about what you see and contribute to environmental research! Share your discoveries good and bad (like litter) through platforms such as iNaturalist that combines the data with that of others across the UAE, the region and even the globe, to paint a clearer picture of what is happening and inform decisions about the protection of nature around the world! This is called citizen science – and there’s no cooler way to enjoy life-changing experiences while making a real impact (and earning reward badges to boot!)

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Speak your mind!

Be part of the conversation and help shape an optimistic future for our planet as you dialogue, debate and reflect on pressing issues with VIPs and decision-makers. Join our youth majlises where you will have meaningful discussions with professionals and peers while sharing your experiences and earn an impact badge for your participation! (you can also join the conversation on our blog here)
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Host a Signature Experience

Here’s the tea - this movement is not only youth-inspired, but youth-led. We are always on the lookout for passionate young men and women who have what it takes to lead our experiences as Connect with Nature hosts. Not to toot our own horn (okay maybe just a little?) but being a host is a challenging and seriously rewarding opportunity that helps you develop your leadership skills, gain the respect of your peers, and improve your knowledge and skills. 

Up for it?  You’ll need a minimum of "10 hours for nature " to be eligible to apply. 


All you have to do is download the app!

Apple, Android...whatever you fancy! Just download the Connect With Nature app to start completing fun missions with friends, all while earning badges to unlock special benefits and qualify for our leadership programme!

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