22 Nov, 2019
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Calling all fitness enthusiasts! We're taking on the challenge at the NBF trail run in Fujairah!

Our activities go WAY beyond a walk in the park...

We work super hard to bring you awesome experiences we know you’ll love! So whether you’re an explorer at heart, or someone who can’t wait to start taking action for nature (we love the planet too, and we protect what we love!), we know we have something special for you and your friends to enjoy.
  • Adventure

    Escape To the Wadi [COMING SOON]

    Revive your connection with nature and explore the wild spaces of UAE in Wadi Shawka with Adventurati Outdoor
  • Fitness

    [Past Event] Wild Workout At Zabeel Park

    13 Nov, 2019
    Join us in our wild workout in Zabeel Park!
  • Adventure

    Ride Back in Time

    27 Dec, 2019
    Enjoy an evening of activities followed by an overnight camping experience at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre.
  • Conservation

    Nurdle Hunt [invite only]

    27 Nov, 2019
    Take action to rid our beaches of the 2nd biggest source of microplastic litter worldwide. How many nurdles can you find?
  • Adventure

    Nature After Dark [COMING SOON]

    Connect with nature and explore the amazing mangrove forest at sunset with a special kayaking adventure in the Eastern Mangroves National Park with
  • Adventure

    [Past Event] The Desert Escape Room

    07 Nov, 2019
    Ever tried an escape room? It’s a physical adventure game where you have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles. Ours is desert themed!