Centennial in Review

26 Jan, 2021

Experience a unique journey through time in the conservation education game "Centennial in Review", developed by our partners IFHC.

It’s the year 2071. You have been tasked with making an important documentary series about the centennial of UAE! Examine the past, understand previous events and the human impact on the environment to help you succeed in your mission! Do you think you can raise awareness on conservation efforts and promote positive attitude towards the environment?

Play now by following these simple steps:

1) Visit the following link

2) Choose your preferred language

3) Click on player

4) Enter Code:

English : E2AG88

Arabic: FGFA66

5) Enter Team Name


Complete the game for a chance to win an IPAD and other exciting rewards! The competition will end on Feb 6th


Good Luck!

Houbara Bustard Bird