UAE’s Nature Resilience Series

09 Jul, 2024
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From the 9th of July, till the 10th of Septemper


Nature’s Resilience is an online series of 10 engaging sessions led by environmental experts at Emirates Nature-WWF, co-founding partner of Connect with Nature. 

Open to everyone in the UAE, the series is part of Emirates Nature-WWF’s Leaders of Change programme and offers a virtual exploration of the rich tapestry of life in our country. 

From the expansive desert sands and hidden oases to freshwater habitats and coastal regions, participants will get to know nature like never before and learn about the intricate link between biodiversity and climate change.


Nature and climate are two sides of the same coin. Nature is essential in regulating climate and building human resilience against our changing environment. But nature herself is vulnerable to climate change. Natural habitats are being altered and many species are at risk of extinction. 

We urgently need holistic solutions that address both nature loss as well as climate change. That’s where Nature’s Resilience comes in. The series highlights the complex links between nature and climate, and inspires us to design holistic conservation and climate adaptation strategies to secure a sustainable future for all.


Expert-led discussions and interactive activities will shed light on how participants can preserve the UAE’s natural heritage, with a focus on: 

  • our diverse natural ecosystems and how they help regulate the climate 
  • environmental challenges we face in the UAE
  • tools and resources that help preserve nature and wildlife
  • actions to enhance climate resilience
  • sustainability practices we can adopt in our daily lives
  • our personal responsibility to drive change and impact 

Participants who complete 7 sessions will earn a certificate recognizing their commitment to environmental education in the UAE.

Events Calendar

9th of July

An Introduction to Nature’s Wonders

Start your journey in the heart of biodiversity. Learn about the diverse life that thrives in the UAE and how they help regulate climate change.
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16th of July

Gecko Diaries

Enter the fascinating world of geckos – from the tiny fan-footed gecko to the prominent Arabian toad-headed agama. Explore their unique adaptations and ongoing conservation efforts.
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23rd of July

Life in the Sand

Unveil the hidden marvels of the desert – elusive Arabian sand skinks, ingenious ants, beetles and more – and discover how the scorching heat and changing precipitation impacts their survival.
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30th of July

Marine biodiversity

Discover UAE’s underwater wonders – coral reefs, hawksbill turtles, dugongs and more – and how we can protect them against threats such as plastic pollution and climate change.
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6th of August

Protect our Pollinators

Recognize the crucial role of bees, butterflies and birds in pollinating crops, ensuring food security and supporting biodiversity – and how we can safeguard their habitats and survival.
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13th of August

Birds of the UAE

Discover UAE’s impressive resident and migratory bird species, from the iconic greater flamingo to the Socotra cormorant. Learn about their migration patterns and importance to local ecosystems.
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20th of August

Nature's Green Guardians

Uncover the superpowers of native plants that thrive in coastal lagoons and arid mountain slopes, where they prevent erosion, influence microclimates and remove carbon from the atmosphere.
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27th of August

Freshwater Ecosystems

Dive into the precious oases and wadis that harbour indigenous fish species and amphibians like the Arabian toad. Unravel threats from water scarcity to habitat degradation and climate change.
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3rd of September

Rare Species of the UAE

Learn about the intense conservation efforts to safeguard iconic species such as the Arabian Caracal, hawksbill turtle, and Houbara bustard – and the crucial role of local organizations.
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10th of September

Surviving the Wild

Acquire wilderness skills essential for safe navigation and survival in the wild! Learn how to treat stings and bites from native creatures, locate and purify water sources, and identify edible plants!
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