Nurdle Hunt

05 Mar, 2023
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In wake of the recent Nurdle Spill on on UAE beaches we are intensifying our efforts by calling volunteers to help us collect these tiny pieces of plastic and save many, many marine animals.

It’s not just finished plastic products like bottles that cause harm to our seas, plastics are polluting our marine environments even before they become the objects, we all recognize. Nurdles are pre-production plastic pieces – the raw material that makes almost all plastic products. For example, around 600–1,200 nurdles are melted and shaped to make a single plastic water bottle.

They may sound cute but these little pellets are the 2nd biggest source of microplastic litter (by weight) found on beaches the world over and are often mistaken as food by marine animals. Many animals die and are harmed because of ingesting these plastics.  

To raise awareness about the impacts of plastics and take some action join us in our nurdle hunt!

What to bring:

  • A recycled container for collecting nurdles.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Sunscreen.

What to wear:

  • Sports/casual clothes.
  • Sun hat
  • Shoes suitable for walking on the beach.
Sunset Beach, Dubai