[PAST EVENT] Composting for Climate

14 Dec, 2020
Event timings

We are youth and aspiring sustainability advocates and change-makers from all over the world who have come together to address the challenges and climate crisis that we face in the 21st century, and are working together to reduce one tonne of CO2e, while crucially delivering benefits for the poorest and most directly impacted by climate change.

This workshop will introduce you to problems of Food Waste in UAE and how to tackle it through composting. Participants will learn the basics of composting and how they can contribute in solving one of the most pressing challenges within the UAE from their own backyards.

About the Challenge

THE GIGATONNE STRATEGY IS AN ALTERNATIVE, BOLD, BOTTOM-UP RESPONSE TO THE CLIMATE CRISIS. It addresses the questions of how to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and pace required and who will deliver such reductions equitably. Our goal is to demonstrate in practice how to reduce global emissions by one gigatonne of CO2e per year while engaging and benefiting those most affected by climate change. For more information, please visit the page by clicking here.

Agenda of the Virtual Workshop:

  1. Introduction
  2. Composting 101
  3. Break-out rooms activity
  4. Get your hands dirty! let's get to Composting
  5. Wrap Up
  6. Post Workshop Support


This event is organized by Emerging Youth Leaders of 10in10co’s initiative