[PAST EVENT] Earth Day Debate

22 Apr, 2020
Event timings

"Plants and animals have as much right as humans to exist."

Two teams from our community will prepare competing viewpoints for, and against the motion. We will then all gather virtually to hear them present their arguments and fight it out! You'll then have the opportunity to ask questions and cross-examine their positions.

A vote will be taken before and after the session to see if any of the teams have managed to convince you to change your view on the topic.

Debate is an amazing way to develop your critical thinking, logical reasoning skills and fosters respect for contrary opinions - sign up now!





What do you need? 

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone 

  • Internet Connection 

  • Video Call Application (ZOOM

  • Preferable: working mic and camera 


How to join: 

To book simply fill the form on this link, or use the button below. 



Fill in this form to register to join the debate or apply to be on either team.