[PAST EVENT] Inspired by Nature - Sketching workshop

29 Aug, 2020
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Inspired by Nature - Sketching workshop with Emma Skinner

Have you ever stoped to think about the role of the arts and appreciating the beauty of nature in enhancing our connection with the natural world? We've teamed up with Dubai based artist Emma Skinner to bring you a sketching workshop and discussion about the different lenses we can view the world through.





How to join: 

To book simply fill the form on this link, or use the button below. 


What do you need? 

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone 
  • Internet Connection 
  • Video Call Application (ZOOM) or access to Instagram 
  • Preferable: working mic and camera 


Equipment Required 

  • Sketch pad or piece of plain paper, approx. A5 or A4 in size
  • Pencil, ideally sketching pencil of around 3B or 4B, but we can work with a standard pencil if that’s all that is available
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • One tissue


About Emma Skinner

Emma Skinner is a British born artist living in Dubai, she earned a BSc from Durham University, a diploma in Naturopathy, Photography accreditation and family mentorship in the study of Fine Art and Sculpture.. Her visual narrative and free diving expeditions explore the human experience of the ocean; the importance of realising change and highlighting failing ecosystems. Her work speaks of the interconnecting natural world, using vivid colours to command the viewers’ attention.


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