[Past Event] QubQub Loop Kayak Day Trip {Ladies Only}

23 Feb, 2019
Abu Dhabi
Event timings

This adventure takes the participants for a day kayak and adventure experience around the Eastern Mangroves, a place that houses many small qubqubs (local name for crabs) and other juvenile fisheries. Enjoy kayaking in the canals through the mangrove trees and learn more about the wetland habitat and its significance in the world and the UAE. Reach the island for an adventure with your friends in collecting your resources, preparing your own food and enjoying the company of new friends. This adventure will enhance your team building and leadership skills while you learn about a fascinating corner of the UAE. 

Please Note that this adventure is Ladies Only!



The following will be provided by Husaak Adventures/Sea Hawk: 

• Waterproof bag/box at launch point for valuables

• Lifejackets

• Snacks and food items 

**Please note that toilets and showers will NOT be available during the trip.

Toilets are available at the start/end of the trip at the Eastern Mangrove Promenade. 


What to bring: 

•    Backpack (mandatory)

•    Reusable water bottle

•    Sunscreen

•    Waterproof camera (optional)

What to wear:

•    Water sports activity clothing

•    Change of clothes for after kayaking 

•    Flip-flops or waterproof shoes

•    Jacket for when it gets cold

Sea Hawk Stand at Eastern Mangrove Promenade