[Past Event] Survive the Wild

27 Apr, 2019
Ras Al Khaimah
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So, you think you’ve got the sense of adventure in you? You love to explore and go deep into nature but lack the skills for it? When you don’t have water. When you’re lost and don’t have a GPS on you. When you find yourself in the winter cold weather and need the warmth of a fire while all you have are nature’s resources at hand.


This day course covers essential survival skills for those who enjoy exploring the vast UAE desert or mountains.


Through this engaging and dynamic experience, you will spend the day learning basic survivor skills. Participants will focus on outdoor awareness, being properly prepared, tricks and techniques to keep you alive in emergency situations. Many of these skills are what our ancestors relied on to survive life in the mountains.


Learn new skills, enjoy a day away from the city, and get some exercise!


What to bring: 
•    Backpack -Recommended with good shoulder and waist straps (Mandatory)
•    Hiking poles (if you have knee problems)
•    Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
•    Energy bars and snacks (optional)
•    3 litres of water /hydration drinks (recommended using water bladder)
•    Basic Aid kit (personal medication, antiseptic, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, etc)

What to wear:
•    Sports/casual clothes
•    Hiking boots (recommended with ankle support) or trainers

There are limited spaces available for this workshop - Register your interest and we will contact you to let you know if you have been selected to join.
Wadi Shawka