Sustainability Journey: A visit to Ecyclex Recycling Center

14 Oct, 2022
Event timings

One of the biggest challenges we face is plastic waste, and our goal is to help keep our environment clean of this waste and protect it at all costs. Join us on International E-waste Day at Ecyclex to take part in a hands-on recycling session and learn about e-waste and recycling from recycling experts, understand the problems we face due to plastic and get tips and tricks on how to sort, manage and deal with plastic waste. 

Session Overview

1. E-waste Recycling Facility Tour: Intro about the facility Explaining what is e-waste and why do we need to recycle How do we recycle e-waste, the different processes, and hazards related to not recycling Show recycling in action and show the outcome recycled materials

2. Plastic Recycling Workshop: Introduction: Why plastic is a problem?  How plastic waste is managed?  Interesting facts and figures! Hands on workshop: How to sort plastic? Cleaning plastic from impurities shredding and cutting Moulding plastics into new products!

This session is in person at the Ecyclex facility and will take place. Please ensure to book your spot in advance as the spaces are limited.