Wild Days: Al Wathba Wetland Visit

06 Nov, 2022
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Enjoy a guided tour of the Al Wathba Wetland Reserve to gain an understanding on local biodiversity. It features the key role of scientists who are passionately working to conserve and protect our planet. The tour is a great way to observe the World Science Day for Peace and Development which aims to inform about the developments in science and its impact in the society. 

The main purpose of the tour is to educate youth about our local biodiversity focusing on wetland ecosystem. It also acknowledges the remarkable work of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi scientists. Most importantly, it turns the spotlight on the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives

This trip will take us on a 3km nature walk through The Al Wathba Wetland Reserve - one of the best places in Abu Dhabi to connect with nature.