World Turtle Day Special: An Online Masterclass on Turtle Nesting Habits

23 May, 2023
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About this Activity

Celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23rd with our exclusive online masterclass that delves deep into the world of turtle nesting habits. Join us as we explore the fascinating and complex world of turtles, and learn about the incredible nesting behaviors of these amazing creatures.

This masterclass is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of turtle nesting habits. We will discuss various types of turtles and their nesting behaviors, the factors that influence nesting success, and the threats that turtles face during the nesting season.

Whether you are a seasoned conservationist, a nature enthusiast, or just curious about the world of turtles, this masterclass is for you. You will learn about the latest research and conservation efforts, and discover practical ways to make a positive impact on turtle populations around the world.

So why not join us on World Turtle Day and take the first step towards becoming a champion for turtle conservation. Register now and secure your spot in this exclusive online masterclass!