Al Wathba Riddles in the Reserve Challenge

Al Wathba Challenge

Abu Dhabi

"I adapt in many ways to live in dry and sometimes hot places, I defend myself from thieves here to steal my liquid gold, I reach up high towards the sky, I diet most of the year saving my food for when it’s needed." What am I?

If you’re in the mood to give your mind a little exercise and learn more about this great wetland reserve, this is the game for you! Complete the given missions to get the Al Wathba badge.

  • Roam through the reserve discovering its secrets by solving riveting riddles! Enjoy a couple of hours among the flamingos, desert hares, and trees that cry salty tears.
  • Nature lovers get out there and embark on challenges to explore what you can’t see in your everyday lives! Whether you love to solve mysteries, whether you’re a creative person, or you’re someone who simply likes to observe nature and just take it all in, these challenges will allow you to experience Al Wathba Wetland Reserve to the max!
  • Solve the mysteries with the Al Sir or “secret” challenge. This challenge provides you with riddles that you’ll need to solve by walking around the reserve and keeping your eyes and mind wide open.
  • Or take the Fann or “art” challenge! Set up your camera and take beautiful scenic photographs specific to the provided themes and get the chance to exhibit your photo in a Panda Exhibition
  • Connect with nature, look at details with the Tafaseel or “detail”challenge and try to identify what some close-up photos are, according to your surroundings in Al Wathba Wetland Reserve.
  • Art lovers can take the Ebdaa or “creative” challenge. Let’s see how creative you are – sketch, draw or even paint what you see or perhaps feel in AWWR and get the chance to be selected to showcase your work in the Panda exhibition!
Al Wathba Wetland Reserve