Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve


Just outside the modern city of Dubai, sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, providing a home for some of our most treasured animals, such as the Arabian oryx, camels and gazelle. The Arabian oryx was once considered extinct, yet today it thrives in the deserts of the Reserve having been reintroduced through a successful breeding program in the UAE.

Here you can experience the desert in a variety of ways, from camel trekking and falconry to archery and horse riding. If you fancy something less physical, you can go on a wildlife drive to get to know the reserve’s flora and fauna through encounters with Arabian oryx, Arabian red fox, and a range of fascinating (and harmless) lizards (learn more about desert lizards on our Knowledge Hub).

To visit the Reserve you will need to book in advance with an approved tour company.

Opening hours: based on tour company.


Wheelchair access: N/A.

What to bring: Reusable water bottle, sun hat, sun screen, light active wear.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
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