Eastern Mangroves National Park

Abu Dhabi

Feeling adventurous but don’t want to travel too far? Then head to the Eastern Mangroves National Park. As you kayak through the dense mangroves you’ll soon forget that you are anywhere near the city. Pretty soon it is just you, the local wildlife and the gurgling of the water passing through the mangrove roots.

The Abu Dhabi mangroves stretch for almost 70 square kilometres, of which the Eastern Mangroves National Park accounts for more than 19 square kilometres. They support hundreds of species, including more than 60 feeding and nesting birds, fish, shells, crabs, and even foxes.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/EwDpQUf4ht32

Wheelchair access: N/A.

Safety precautions: You cannot enter the mangroves unaccompanied, as it is a protected area managed by the Environment Agency—Abu Dhabi. 

What to bring: sunscreen, sun hat, water in a reusable bottle.

Activities: Kayaking. 

Eastern Mangroves National Park
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