Qasr al Sarab Protected Area

The untouched Land

Abu Dhabi

Far into the desert heart of Abu Dhabi’s Western Region, the Liwa Oasis is where our nomadic ancestors once lived. For many decades our people survived in this seemingly inhospitable environment by relying on the food and shelter it provided. The Liwa Oasis is a 150-kilometer crescent of villages and farms, where camels roam freely and people visit from far and wide to explore the massive rolling dunes. Liwa’s agricultural traditions are still alive today, and continue to thrive alongside modern development projects around the oasis. Liwa celebrates this rich heritage each year by hosting the famous Liwa Date Festival.

Explore the Liwa Oasis and learn about its significant role in shaping Abu Dhabi’s history, including how our Bedouin ancestors used its natural resources to survive for decades. 

Qasr Al Sarab Protected area 

Explore the desert wilderness and meet its enchanting wildlife within the Qasr Al Sarab protected area. The protected area hosts around 30 bird species, 13 reptile species, and 10 mammal species, but the most prominent is the Arabian Oryx. Having once been on the verge of extinction, the Arabian Oryx was bred back from the edge and released into the Qasr Al Sarab protected area. An encounter with one of these majestic creatures is not to be missed.

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Entrance fee: N/A.

Wheelchair access: N/A.

Safety precautions: take enough water, and make sure you stay within range of cellphone service. If you are going into the sand with your own car, make sure your car is able to drive in deep sand dunes and that you have enough petrol. If you are not a skilled desert driver, do not risk going on your own.

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Qasr Al Sarab Protected Area
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