Threat: Pollution


We hear this term almost continuously today whether it’s at school, at the workplace, especially in the news!

So, what is pollution? It is the change in the environment caused by the introduction of natural or artificial harmful contaminants into the environment, and may cause instability or harmful effects to the ecosystem. It can occur in different forms such as air, water, noise and soil

With modernization and development in our lives, pollution has reached its peak, resulting in global warming and human illnesses, destruction of ecosystems, food production and drinking water…to name just a few of the major impacts…


While pollution is caused by both natural and man-made sources, it is the man-made pollution, which is adding to the severity of this issue and threatening our world and survival. Let’s look at some of the different types of pollution:

  • High levels of air pollution can cause severe long-term health effects such as heart disease and lung cancer, as well as health problems for animals like birth defects and reproductive failure. Check-out the PLUME app to understand our local air quality!
  • Noise pollution can occur when oil drills, submarines and other vessels in or on the sea and ocean can cause extreme noise resulting in the injury or death of aquatic animals, especially whales.
  • Plastic pollution is a growing worldwide problem. Bodies of water can be contaminated and heavily polluted due to the dumping of garbage, waste and chemicals by individuals, industrial plants, and health centers, posing serious and long-lasting threats to our waters, sea life and humans. Over 90% of the damage caused to marine wildlife by human waste is due to plastics! If action isn’t taken to reduce the flow of plastic ending up in the ocean, is it predicted that plastic will be found in the digestive systems of 99% of ALL seabird species by 2050 (Living Planet Report, 2018). Nearly every seabird on earth is eating plastic – let that sink in…


Pollution doesn’t have to happen. It’s not only big industries that are at the root of the problem. Our own individual choices every day can reduce pollution: how we get around, how we use electricity, and where we throw out the garbage. Find out what you can do.


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