Sahim x Citizen Science

Collaborate with scientists for a greener tomorrow

Everyone can be a citizen scientist and contribute to scientific research in the UAE – you don’t need to have a degree to get involved. Simply join our team of scientists on projects that address real-world environmental problems like climate change and nature loss. You will receive professional guidance and can participate from the comfort of your home, backyard or neighbourhood.

People of all ages are welcome – feel free to invite your family, kids, friends and colleagues to volunteer in this national drive for citizen science. This is your chance to act for nature in the Year of Sustainability.



Contribute to real world solutions

Sahim projects are designed to address climate change and help protect our land, seas and the many species that call the UAE home.

Brought to you by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) and environmental charity Emirates Nature-WWF, each project is built upon rigorous citizen-science principles and contributes towards national environmental and sustainability goals.

By gathering and analysing data about local species and habitats, you help increase the valuable data we have at hand. This information helps us monitor the state of our local environment, fills knowledge gaps, supports robust decision-making and informs policies and regulations.

Expand your horizons

As a citizen scientist, you will have the opportunity to learn new things from the experts themselves. You will help formulate research questions, collect and analyse data, interpret results and might even make a new discovery!

As you volunteer across Sahim projects, you will learn more about the UAE’s unique species and landscapes and contribute to real-world solutions to protect our planet.

We hope this experience helps you connect with nature on a deeper level and enjoy the great sense of fulfilment that comes from giving back to your community and to science.

Explore Sahim x Citizen Science projects

Sahim volunteering opportunities are available through the UAE Volunteer Platform - the first and largest smart, nationwide platform. A partnership between Emirates Foundation and The Ministry of Community Development, the platform operates as a comprehensive, proactive program of development and regulation.

Together, we are stronger

With increased public participation, we can enhance scientific research in the UAE, act faster and achieve greater impact for nature and humanity.