12 Jul, 2023
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From the 12th of July, till the 31th of August

What is The United Nations Conference of Parties (COP28)?

The United Nations Conference of Parties (COP28) is set to take place in UAE. As a host nation, the UAE has embraced the responsibility of facilitating meaningful discussions and fostering collaboration among nations to address pressing climate challenges. With its visionary leadership and commitment to sustainable development, the UAE aims to showcase innovative solutions, and drive collective action towards a greener and more resilient future. The conference will be a pivotal event, fostering crucial dialogue and shaping the global agenda for climate action.

What is the COP28 Youth Climate and Nature Series?

Welcome to the COP28 Youth Climate and Nature Series! A groundbreaking programme designed to educate, engage, and empower individuals from all walks of life in the urgent fight against climate change. With a series of dynamic online sessions and interactive workshops, this initiative aims to raise awareness about the pressing challenges of our changing climate while fostering a deep understanding of the UN COP28, which will be hosted in the UAE in November.

Led by leading experts, environmentalists, and passionate climate advocates, the COP28 Youth Climate and Nature Series provides an empowering platform for participants to gain knowledge, acquire practical skills, and become catalysts for change within their communities.

Join us on this impactful journey as we work together to create a sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Become an Ambassador and Lead the Way to Change


By actively participating in the Climate Series and attending at least 50% of the sessions, followed by attending 1 field trip at the beginning of the season (dates to be announced later), you will become eligible for a chance to join our exclusive Ambassadors for Nature-batch 2 Programme.

As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to take your climate action journey to the next level and become a leader in driving change within your community.

Through specialized training, mentorship, and access to a variety of additional resources, you will be equipped with the tools and support needed to make a lasting impact and inspire others to join the movement.

Get ready to drive transformative change as an Ambassador for Nature! By falling within the age bracket 18-35, you can join us and increase your chances of selection by showcasing your dedication and active involvement.Together, we can help shape a sustainable future and be at the forefront of positive environmental change.

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Events Calendar

12th of July

Climate Series: COP28 and Nature's Resilience 

Immerse yourself in an online session that explores the intersection of COP 28 and the profound connection with nature.

Read more here.

19th of July

Climate Series: Connecting Climate and Nature

Join us as we explore the impacts of climate change on our natural world, discuss conservation efforts, and inspire action towards a more resilient planet.

Read more here.

27th of July

Climate Series: Exploring Planetary Boundaries 

Uncover the concept of planetary boundaries and their role in defining a safe operating space for humanity

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2nd of August

Climate Series: Mermaid Diaries UAE

Join us for an enlightening session on the incredible marine life in the UAE!

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12th of August

Climate Series: Youth Leading the Way 

Be a part of an inspiring and interactive online session that highlights the pivotal role of youth in driving climate solutions and innovation.

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16th of August

Climate Series: Food for Thought

Understand how Emirates Nature-WWF supports food systems and how you can contribute.

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26th of August

Climate Series: Climate Fresk Workshop

A scientific, collaborative and creative workshop to learn about the climate change in a fun way!

Read more here.


Now is your chance to become an Ambassador for Nature! Join the COP28 Climate Series today and become part of the solution. Together we can create a greener tomorrow.

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