Youth at COP28

COP28, the high-profile UN climate change conference, will take place at Expo City Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023.

As the host of COP28, the UAE is set to welcome world leaders, climate experts, businesses, media, civil society and youth groups who are united by a common goal: to stop climate change – one of the greatest risks of our time.

Climate change has already had negative impacts on all regions on Earth, and these will worsen with every increment of additional warming. The Earth is now 1.2°C warmer than pre-industrial times, and expected to get even warmer. A successful COP28 would put the world on course to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

An opportunity for UAE youth

Taking place right here in our country, COP28 presents an unmissable opportunity for UAE youth be part of the solution.
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Introducing the Youth Legacy for COP28

In the lead up to COP28, Emirates Nature-WWF and the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) launched the Youth Legacy for COP28 strategy to ensure that youth and members of the wider community are aware of – and involved in – nature conservation programmes on the ground.

Through strategy, we aim to showcase our collective legacy of nurturing UAE youth into leaders of sustainability. We hope this inspires more UAE youth to connect with nature, build extraordinary skills and lead the change towards a better future for all.

Initiatives fall under three categories:

1. Get involved pre-COP

Cop28 youth climate and nature

COP28 Youth Climate and Nature

To prepare young people to succeed as future leaders and changemakers, Emirates Nature-WWF and EAD organized the COP28 Youth Climate and Nature series.

Through a series of dynamic online sessions and interactive workshops led by environmental experts, this initiative helped raise awareness about the challenges of changing climate while fostering a deeper understanding of the COP28 conference.


Escape climate change

Escape Climate Change - Mangrove Edition escape room

The Mangrove Edition escape room enables participants to physically experience the science behind climate adaptation, offering the whole community a chance to understand the complexity of climate resilience and action in a simple, interactive manner.

The escape room caravan has been touring the UAE throughout the Year of Sustainability, inspiring thousands of participants to to partake in global climate conversations and join the UAE’s largest movements for nature – Connect with Nature, Sahim and Leaders of Change.

It will make its final stop at COP28 where it will be located at Al Forsan Park in the Green Zone and accessible to all visitors.

Visit the escape room at COP28


Ambassadors for nature

Ambassadors for Nature

The second nationwide search for youth Ambassadors for Nature has led to the selection of the newest group of homegrown heroes, who will represent the youth voice and advocate for nature at COP28 and beyond.

10 UAE youth, aged between 16-35 have been chosen for the prestigious role of Ambassadors for Nature after demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding nature. They have completed an intense 3-day training programme to develop new skills, and are ready to champion climate and nature solutions on the local, regional and global stage.?

Ambassadors for Nature will commence their journey at the upcoming UN Conference of Youth (COY18) and COP28, where they will urge all members of society - including youth - to take action for natur

Post-COP28, they will play an instrumental role in leading their communities to explore, study and protect nature through Connect with Nature events and citizen science.

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Youth Insider

Youth Insiders

In line with our for youth, by youth approach, a series of events have been organized to showcase the personal experiences of ‘Youth Insiders’ – industry professionals who are already working to advance green solutions in the UAE.

Learn more about the initiative here, and sign up to hear from the Youth Insiders at COP28 at the links below.

Climate Fresk Workshop

Climate Fresk Workshop

1:00pm - 4:00pm, 26 November 2023

A scientific, collaborative and creative workshop to learn about climate change in a fun way. With your team of 4 to 7 players, you will work collaboratively, using the Climate Fresk cards, to learn about the cause and effect relationship between different components of climate change.

A trained facilitator will guide you and provide additional insights. Beginners will learn the basics of climate science and more experienced participants will build on and structure their existing knowledge. After having reconstructed your fresk, it will be time to take a step back, to discuss and above all to plan how to act, individually and collectively.

Lear more and register here



The United Nations Conference of Youth (COY) brings together young people who are passionate about climate change and the environment, and will take place in Dubai before the start of COP28.

We are delighted to announce that we are hosting an event at COY18UAE this year, to shine the spotlight on youth action. Our Ambassadors for Nature, Youth Insiders and experts from Emirates Nature-WWF will lead a ‘Nurdle Hunt’ beach cleanup where participants will collect and dispose of nurdles (tiny plastic pellets that pollute our shores), while getting to know one another.

Join us for the Nurdle Hunt, which will take place from 6:30am to 8:30am, on 27 November 2023 at Kite Beach, Dubai.

Climate Simulator

Climate Simulator

7:00pm - 8:30pm, 28 November 2023

An interactive En-ROADs Climate Simulator workshop focused on the critical theme of global warming and its relationship with climate action in the UAE. This powerful tool has been instrumental in guiding governments and industry leaders to explore effective solutions for mitigating climate change. By the end of the workshop, participants will collaboratively create a scenario that limits global warming to less than 2°C, striving for 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. They will propose comprehensive policy and technological solutions, delving into critical topics such as food systems, energy dynamics, and climate justice.

Learn more and register here

2. Visit us at COP28, Expo City Dubai

There are many ways to get involved at COP28. We invite you to join us at these events which will take place in the Green Zone at COP28. Green Zone events are open to members of the public – register online at the COP28 website as we get closer to the event.

3. Stay engaged post-COP28

Keep the momentum going strong beyond COP28. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and citizen science activations

World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC 2024)

28 JAN - 01 FEB 2024

Stay tuned for more details around this event that will be hosted by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi post-COP28

ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

You can also get involved as a volunteer for the escape room, the Gift for Nature activation or the Notice Nature/Bio Blitz event! Register your interest here.