• ‘Youth’s thirst for knowledge offers encouraging signs for the future of conservation’


    The past few months have been challenging on so many fronts. However, many positives have emerged during that time including a real thirst for

  • Youth Circle Highlights - ‘Learning from the Past, Saving for the Future’


    Session 4 of our ‘Reimagine’ Youth Circle series, held on Wednesday, July 7th, was attended by 238 young people across the UAE, as they engaged

  • Reimagining Health and Wellbeing Post-COVID-19 through Youth Dialogues


    Economic and Environmental recovery from Covid-19 calls for coordinated global governance, with youth working alongside government, businesses, and

  • Climate action is this generation’s economic imperative


    Let’s not sugarcoat the situation anymore: We are facing the gravest threat we have ever encountered. To claim victory in what His Excellency António

  • Highlights - The Role of Politics in Protecting Nature


    Thursday, June 18th, saw over 226 young people assembled over Zoom, for an engaging session with our esteemed guests HE Razan Al Mubarak, Candidate

  • Interconnectivity and Interdependency of Social, Economic and Environmental Issues


    The COVID-19 crisis has shown us, in ways which leave us in no doubt, that human health equals economic health equals planetary health. The three are